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People Of the Planet

From Walter:

Sooooo……Im sitting here wondering if its cool if we have a little heart to heart? You see, I’ve had something on my heart for about 8 years and it’s not going away so I need to do something about it and get it off my chest. This post is going to be a bit of a long one – so if you make it to the end, thanks! 8 years ago I heard someone give a talk on human trafficking. I decided to meet up with the speaker for a coffee and he told me in very great detail of what was happening with child sex trafficking in Cambodia. I’m usually of the opinion that the older you get nothing is really that shocking anymore…BUT this my friends…shocked me beyond belief. I heard stories from a guy that was on the front lines of this fight for justice and my jaw was literally on the floor. As I left the meeting I was really mad. How could people do this to other people?!? I started wondering what I could do about it. What could I do to make a difference?

At the time I was running a snowboard brand called Zion Snowboards and I thought maybe we could release a small clothing line called the POP line. People Of the Planet. I flirted with the idea and we did end up releasing one T shirt, but then life got in the way. I found myself wondering if snowboarders even cared about this kind of stuff and the general difficulties of running a business kinda discouraged me from taking it any farther. The problem is that this thing never died inside of me and the problem is definitely not getting better out there in the world. I’m still mad at the injustices being done to people, but I just stopped doing something about it. This brings us to October 28 2015 and I’m deciding to no longer sit on the sidelines but to go for it. I am relaunching The POP Program and it will be a project of Zion Snowboards. We will be releasing a “Street Justice” line of apparel with proceeds going to fight human trafficking. Our first T shirt – DEATH to LIFE is available for order starting Nov 1 Day of the Dead.

Death to Life

Why am I telling you all this?

I simply ask that if you are stoked on this project to give The POP Program a like on Facebook and also follow the Instagram @the_pop_program.

Maybe this could be a challenge to some of you as well – if something has been laid on YOUR heart – in making this planet a better place. ;)

I want to thank Brandon Wilson for designing the T-Shirt graphic and Stephanie Standerwick for being the first Minister of Justice in helping get the word out there about the project.

Whew that was a long one – if you made it to the end – God Bless you! Stay tuned for more details on who this project will be supporting and what each organization specializes in. We’re looking at funding organization overseas AND here in North America.

Please go ahead and have yourselves a fantastic evening and thanks for much for hearing me out!




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