This board is amazing! Powerful sidecuts deliver precise carves, making it the most maneuverable All-Terrain Snow Vehicle around. Strong nose and tail POP gives it's riders extra boost on bumps and jumps! Lets about bout the flex for a sec....Ryan's Submarine has a perfectly patterned core that provides soft and buttery nose and tail handling to press rails or boxes, plus smoothly execute flat-ground magic. Ryan Paul has run this snowboard through the paces for quite some time now and has dialed in its rhythms. This year he's rounded our a masterpiece. Artwork by RP himself. Ryan's Submarine lives up to the hype! 

In an effort to help our some of the most beautiful creatures on the planet, we are donating a portion of all these boards to the Save The Whales Foundation - a nonprofit dedicated to cleaning up the oceans around the world. 

Ride's like a dream! I'm super happy with how this board some out! Killer Whales (and Crocodile Grizzly Bears) are COOL!


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